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Andy Roberts

For only $50 you can be a part of history and own a part of history!

As a chiropractor we are sure that you are aware of the sudden and tragic death of our beloved colleague and mentor, Dr. Andy Roberts.

Many of us were deeply affected by his departure from our lives and from our profession.

However, no one was more affected than his lovely wife, Dr. Gina Roberts and their four beautiful children, Zachary, Hannah, Ellie and Caleb.

In the months that have passed since Andy’s passing the family has had to navigate the turbulent waters of putting life back together without their beloved husband and father. Yes, we lost our mentor, but nothing can compare to losing the head of household before their time.

As you know, Andy’s passion for chiropractic was extraordinary. He truly was a student of those who came before us. He studied the philosophy and history as few others have or will.

Today we want to present you with an opportunity to make a contribution that will help preserve Andy’s legacy and history… not in chiropractic, but on the planet. At the same time, we want to give you the opportunity to win a part of chiropractic history!

Dr. Gina Roberts has made available FOUR of Andy’s cherished ORIGINAL, FIRST EDITION, GREENBOOKS for us to raffle to four lucky winners.

The process will work like this…

Each raffle ticket you purchase will you give a chance to win one of the FOUR original Greenbooks! The raffle will take place on Saturday, April 6th at approximately 6pm (the raffle winners will be chosen LIVE from the Berkshires Philosophy Event!) The tickets will go into one large pool, and from that pool the four winners will be selected, one after the other.

You may purchase as many tickets as you desire, and they may be purchased from now until Saturday, April 6th when the raffle winner is selected.

ALL proceeds from the raffle will be destined directly to Dr. Gina Roberts for the children’s college fund.

Thank you for your contribution! And good luck!!!


Dr. Sean Carey

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